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You Catch More Flies With Honey…

August 1, 2014


I had some interesting experiences today that I would like to share with regards to classic interactions with people of color that can be very disappointing and exhausting as a Black feminist.  So earlier today I went & got something to eat at a restaurant on the East side owned by a Palestinian brother who shits on the poor Blacks in the very neighborhood his business is in, claiming equality exists. He managed to understand that what Israel is doing to Palestine is wrong BUT he feels that Black people have brought about our own demise.   I was calm, polite, I smiled as I explained the history of capitalism and white supremacy in insuring the failure of Black progress as well as the functions of intersectional domination but he just did not get it.  He claimed college education in America is free & I definitely asked him where because I wanted some of this free education he spoke of.  The Kid Fury gif perfectly summarizes the look on my face.  But at the end of the day, he claimed that if you are poor and starving it is your own fault and the poor Black people in my community are responsible for their own plight and demise.  Its so easy for non-Black PoCs to demand solidarity from Black people that they aren’t always willing to return it.  Then I was reminded of this following Andrea Smith quote:

“The legacy of anti-Black racism is that Black struggle gets deemed the property of all other social justice struggles. The symbols and tactics of Black struggle are deemed the common property of all. Black people are required to show solidarity with other people of color, without other people of color owing solidarity to Black communities. Black oppression is always analogized to other forms of oppression in a manner that disappears Black oppression itself. It is presumed we already know everything about Black oppression, so we can just use it as an empty signifier to explain other oppressions.”

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