Decolonize ALL The Things

The UNsettling reflections of a Decolonial Scientist in a Constant State of Rage

Black Feminism(s) Taught Me

December 30, 2014


This past year I spent a lot of time working on me.  There were some major events at hand that contributed to some key changes in my life.  I for one took a step back from problematic and unhealthy friendships and relationships in my life.   For 6 months I didn’t talk to 2 of my best friends.  This was a time for self reflection, confronting hurt, and healing.  I decided to focus on myself during that time and embark on my person journey of decolonization and depatriarchalization.  It was during this time that I started to come into my own.  During the beginning of the year I suffered from some serious writer’s block, I was dealing with PTSD as a consequence of white supremacist racist trauma from the Fall Semester of 2013 along with acute stress disorder.  I started off 2014 hurt, pissed, and betrayed.  But what was most challenging for me was confronting with starting my process of unlearning unhealthy habits that this hegemonic society has taught me.  I told myself that this would be a year of self care.  I achieved that by actively engaging in self care, saying “no” more often, choosing to not doubt myself at every turn, and believing in my own abilities. Continue Reading

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