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“The Blacker The Berry” Is A Black Pathology Anthem

February 11, 2015

kendrick-lamar-the-blacker-the-berryKendrick Lamar recently dropped the track “The Blacker The Berry”, what has been called a “Black Anthem” that deals with the hypocritical racial self hatred in the Black community.  As a hip hop head I was hype to first listen to the song, hoping that it would say something critical, contextually accurate, reveal the true issues at hand & I was unfortunately immediately disappointed.  The song left a bad taste in my mouth, it was disrespectful, lecturing, and inaccurate.  “The Blacker The Berry” has been quickly gaining traction since its release and its for a very particular reason: Black pathology sells (H/T @thetrudz). Continue Reading


Under Construction: Decolonizing Queer Masculinity(ies) Part II – Depatriarchalizing The Body

February 7, 2015



I have decided to turn my initial blog post “Under Construction: Decolonized Queer Masculinity(ies)” into a series where I deconstruct colonial notions of gender, sexuality, sex category, & the many intersections with other identities & systems of domination.  In my first blog post in this series I discussed unhinging my identity from patriarchal notions of gender & situating myself within my queer masculinity.  In this blog post I want to discuss what that is like when it comes to decolonizing my own eyes & the ways in which I view, theorize, & engage with my own body. Continue Reading

Gotta Catch ‘Em ALL!: How Liberalism Turns Oppressed Peoples into Pokemon

February 5, 2015

download (4)This is something that a good friend of mine & I have been talking about for years!  Years I tell you!  We have had so many discussions with people about this.  So I figured it’s about time for me to share this amazingly accurate (as well as hilariously entertaining) concept to help people understand the problems with: diversity, multiculturalism, and colorblindness.  So if you are reading this article I am going to assume that you have heard of Pokemon, get the general concept of how Pokemon works.  So enough of the nerd love, let me get the overall point.

Continue Reading

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