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Creating Healthy Masculinities

June 30, 2016

Below are slides from a workshop that I designed & presented at the 2016 BTAC conference.  The goal was for attendees to learn what gender, masculinity, and patriarchy are in relation to power dynamics in modern history.  We want attendees to be able to grapple with the meaning of gender performance and how the Trans masculine community can construct healthy masculinities that are not carbon copies of the patriarchal toxic masculinity of our current society.  This conversation aims to be accessible across demographics, so the goal is to speak about these issues in plain language rather than assuming everyone utilizes the same activist and/or academic vocabulary.  We want to try to also incorporate interactive discussions within the workshop (e.g. what are some words that you associate with the terms: man, masculine, etc.?).

Supporting documents being used to design workshop:


2016-06-30 (1)





















2016-06-30 (10)











2016-06-30 (4)












2016-06-30 (6)











2016-06-30 (8)











2016-06-30 (11)











2016-06-30 (7)





















2016-06-30 (12)



  1. Great read, I learned some new shit this morning. Thanks for the info, plan on diving into this blog in 5,4,3,2,1……. 👌🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

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