Decolonize ALL The Things

The UNsettling reflections of a Decolonial Scientist in a Constant State of Rage

Critical Thinking Series: Education & Colonial Assimilation

October 20, 2016


Critical inquiry is understood as a means through which you built and articulate an argument.  Morrow & Weston actually do a great job of taking on some of the stigma of ‘arguing’.  In their workbook for arguments, Morrow & Weston discuss the ways in which we tend to see arguments as frames of confrontation when they really function as a means through which we put forth efforts to support specific views or ideas with reasons.  Without arguments, we cannot engage in informative dialogue or come to improve our understandings of the world around us.  I always see knowledge and its application to my life as something that is always open to an update, there is always room for growth.  If I fail to be open to logical arguments backed by good quality research (from institutions, analysis from those outside of academe &/or other formal institutions, etc.) then I will have an inaccurate understanding of how something works or how it has changed, stifling my own learning process.

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