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insult, injury, & imagination

June 8, 2017

after reading an article about DeVos’ Dept. of Educ hinting at rolling back the gainful-employment rule & how it would be more costly to tax payers i thought about something. its interesting how few folks have noticed that the de-regulation of things lend themselves to privatization which ultimately funds itself by siphoning public money (tax dollars) as well as through wage theft. i say this to say, we are where we are because ways were made. ¬†actions were taken.


the state mediates the relations between the market & the commons (the populace, the people).  the capitalist market lobbies to influence/sway state mediation (policies, procedures) of market & social interactions. [these are stated as interactions & do not imply that other variables cannot impact it or imply solely one direction interactions]


expanding markets in an age of late finance capital means EXPANDING privatization which means OPENING what before was a public resource to the free market (the state will open up the negotiation of the cost of the resource & whether or not its willing to provide it to you aka they went to the store with YOUR money & bought their favorite snacks & then had the nerve to come back to YOUR house & eat it in front of you like its OKAY).

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