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LOVE Speak: Language of Liberation

March 16, 2014

936427_585897161442607_104259540_nAfter some interesting reflections on some conversations I have had with some friends and in concert with the information and knowledge that I have learned from a myriad of literary works on R{EVOL}utionary struggle I have come to realize something that I have recently attempted to enact in my own life: we need a language of liberation, a language of love, we need to speak R{EVOL}ution.  So let me take a moment to explain myself.  We consistently speak of systemic oppression and domination, the struggles that POCs, the underclass, and the LGBTQI* communities suffer from everyday.  But we usually speak of them alone, we speak of the oppression, the domination, the hurt, the suffering.  But are we mentioning that there are solutions to these systemic pathologies?  When you discuss the inequalities do you mention that politics of liberation are a means of hope, a means of empowering, a means of acting out r{EVOL}ution?   Another problem is that fact a lot of people make the mistake of forgetting that they also have the capacity to oppress others.  So when you speak, do you oppress the individual you are speaking to?  Do you selfishly consider yourself and your interests and not the communal interests?  When I say communal interests I mean the well being of all people, the interest of their liberation and NOT some status quo (that many people assume is some selfish belief they have that usually goes so far beyond them).  So many times the personal fear and paranoia of an individual will cause them to make blanket oppressive statements against entire populations of people and that consideration is never outside of their supposed “feelings” or “opinions”.  When you speak are you speaking with the intent to liberate, show love, critically evaluate, and empower? Continue Reading


How to be an ALLY & not an Asshole

March 3, 2014

603142_560760563994576_205698426_nSo I have been having this conversation with a lot of people lately. For some odd reason, no matter what the struggle is, the privileged continue to have NO GRASP on what oppression is, what it means to be an ally, or how to just not be an asshole.  So I decided to do a quick summary post on what allyship/wingman-ship really is and what it definitely is not.  Privilege is not additive.  So as an educated able bodied poor cishet Black woman in America I have to understand the importance of my cishet able bodied privilege and put myself in service of the LGBTQIA* and disabled communities.  That means I use the proper pronouns and language.  I decolonize & depatriarchalize my language as not to oppress members of marginalized communities.  And most importantly I correct ANY and EVERY oppressive statement spoken in my presence NO MATTER WHO it is or WHERE it is said.  Below are some rules that I have learned along the way and that I use EVERYDAY to ensure that I am being an ally and not a privileged asshole.

(1) Acknowledging your privilege DOES NOT make you an ally

You are going to have to do WAAAYYY more than acknowledge that you have white, cishet, class, or ableist privilege, this doesn’t make you an ally at all.  Acknowledgement of your privilege is a step and a tiny ass step at that.  Do more, don’t stop there.  The problem with the world we live in now is that so many people believe that if they acknowledge their privilege then the conversation is over. No honey, it just got started.  You don’t get a cookie for admitting the obvious. Continue Reading

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