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D.A.T.T. Critical Thinking Series

June 14, 2016

jake readingLast summer was the first time that I decided to run the freedom school.  I designed a syllabus, held the twitter chats, & I and my comrade Arash worked hard to get the reading summaries out to people.  They have operated as great tools that allow people to grasp not just the general argument in texts but also general arguments that help them understand how society and systems operate based on historical analysis.  While I think that the first way that I constructed the DATT Freedom School was useful and helpful to many people (they regularly shared their appreciation and gave their thanks), there are many of us who seek to learn this new information but we have our own reservations given tattered relationships to institutions of education and the use of education as a systematic means through which many marginalized people are told they are to learn in top-down fashions and are not seen as creators of history and new ways of being.  So this summer the DATT Freedom School is going to be a Critical Thinking series.  Continue Reading


When I First Learned I Was Black

March 16, 2014


Its really funny how we interact with race & racism in America, which is generally the overall avoidance of all interaction with race or racism for the most part.  I was reading a load of Dr. Alan Goodman’s research work & it reminded me of my first conscious discovery that I was Black.  You see, many of us have these moments of clarity but we very rarely recognize them or know that they are significant social processes/moments until someone points it out to us.  To understand race & how racism affects people on a daily basis we all need to be able to not just create a discourse but we need to formulate a discourse with an interdisciplinary view point. Continue Reading

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