Zombie Apocalypse Now


The more modern understanding of Zombies as instinct driven monsters who have been infected by a virus that reanimates the dead & are driven by the basic need to feed on the flesh of the living.  This understanding can very much be applied to many processes that are occurring in society right now.  I will discuss how in many ways the Zombie Apocalypse is already happening on social levels in America.

The Typical Zombie Story

As mentioned before, the zombie is  the living dead, reanimated dead that is driven by very basic  instincts to feed on the flesh of the living.  The Zombie’s purpose is to perpetuate the virus by making sure the infection is spread.  We always see feeding as the main purpose but sharing the virus is also a crucial component.  We have seen in many versions of Zombie films, books, & video games that the best way to kill a zombie is a HEAD SHOT.  There is always a small crew of survivors rummaging through what is left of their so called society trying to avoid ending up like those monsters.  In many cases there is usually a character who communicates that he/she would prefer that you shoot them right between the eyes rather than let them turn into one of those un-dead monsters.

Zombie = The Masses within Society

Now consider this, the unconscious population that goes on supposedly living their everyday life the way they were instructed (via behavior they are socialized into & the social institutions they continue to perpetuate) are in many ways Zombies.  People walk around feeding off of ignorance that is fed to them by the mass media, the distorted stereotypes of specific populations, fabricated versions of history, & the list goes on.  In many ways the zombie virus has attacked so many individuals in systematic ways.  Our education system can be seen as one of the first bites, slowly your creativity is crushed & we encourage a system of one-think  philosophies, teach history filled with fallacies, & we then  precede to strip your child of any capability to think for themselves & depending upon what part of society you are from (divided by class, sex, & race) you may get a worse strain of the virus than others.  As the zombie virus courses through your system you start to have a desire to feed off of destructive “entertainment”, ignorance, materialism, & you begin to develop you basic capitalist instinct.  You go on day by day buying what you are told to by (even creating literal hordes of death at stores on days like Black Friday), wear what you are told to wear, you even think what you are told to think.  You stumble every four years to the ballot box to “vote” for your president (not knowing that your vote means nothing) because someone told you that it works & your grumbles will be heard.

The Conscious Revolutionaries  = The Fighting Survivors

Then you have the group of survivors.  In zombie films and books you always find a group of survivors that include basic characters: the leader, the ammunition specialist, the ex cop, the Macgyver dude, etc..  The survivors try to salvage what is left of society, all suffering because they have lost loved ones to this virus.  Knowledge of how the virus works makes them come to terms with blowing some zombie’s skull cap clean off.

In many ways the conscious revolutionary is a survivor fighting to rid the world of the zombie apocalypse in any way that he/she can.  The conscious masses go living everyday trying to salvage what they can of a broken society with their attempt to not be swallowed by a horde of zombies willing to annihilate the person in front of them to get the latest Apple product.  Conscious revolutionaries sometimes come in contact with zombie hordes & proceed to blow their heads off of their shoulders with shot guns armed with truth, understanding, & information.

The Legend Twist

The best part about this zombie story is that there is a cure, there is a different process to dealing with some of these zombies.  Some people may be saved.  There is a cure for the zombie virus.  Interestingly enough some of these individuals can be save after you blow their mind with the truth, just provide them with a more concentrated dose of truth.

Just A Thought…

This is just a way of rethinking how people passively interact in society everyday.  How are we any different than zombies on that level?  How are we any different than drones for that matter?  Are you consciously aware of what is happening around you? Or are you living in a so called reality that is no more than a simulation created by your oppressor?  We worry that the zombie apocalypse is to come but in many ways its already here.  America’s social institutions spits out more & more zombies everyday.  Leaving the conscious out there to try to save what they can of an already broken world.

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  1. AYO KHADIJAH! I just want to say that i really fucking appreciate this blog (i think thats the name for sites like this); i think i decided to study black feminism (im a guy btw) through afro punk’s blog. But i found this site out from a thread in rap genius (we just had another long ass race discussion; p.s. mostly white males in it)

    Yo not only did i do a project in class that **very briefly** covered some shit on institutinal racism & sexism, w/o your stuff on Assata i wouldn’t have learned what i have from her autobio (Mostly social stuff, like the prevelence of sexual abuse in low income black communities) and wouldn’t know/respect her as much as i do now.
    Right now im shifting through your older posts, and the ones i haven’t read. I haven’t decided yet whether or not to study the discrimination against LGBT people (not just the discrmination mainstream media covers), but thankfully yo you put in work on these types of topics man and i forever appreciate that yo, shit should be talked about more

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