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The UNsettling reflections of a Decolonial Scientist in a Constant State of Rage

What Is & What Ought To Be

May 30, 2017

“The modern collapse of “Reason” & “History” into all things European represented a failure of reason & history that required self-deception regarding Europe’s scope. Put differently: Europe sought to become ontological; it sought to become what dialecticians call “Absolute Being”. Such Being stood in the way of the human being, of a human way of being. It thus presented itself as a theodicy. Theodicy (from theos, meaning god, & dikē, meaning justice) is the branch of inquiry that attempts to account for the compatibility of an omnipotent, omniscient, & good god with injustice & evil.” –  Lewis Gordon in What Fanon Said: A Philosophical Introduction To His Life & Thought (2015:19)

Europe seeks to make Euro-Western thought & practice ontological (all that is (descriptive) & what ought to be (prescriptive) (Gordon 2015:19).  Note that in this case, Lewis Gordon discusses how black can never be white, it can only ‘imitate’ whiteness.  Toni Morrison speaks of this, whiteness just gets to “be”, everybody else has to hyphenate. But by the same token, look at how the rule doesn’t follow in reverse: black can never be white but white always has access to black.  Note, this is in reference to appropriation & the practice of emptying a subject of its complex meaning to wear it as a costume.  This is a kind of objectification that reduces an active subject (a being capable of activity) to a passive thing (what Aime Cesaire calls “thingification”).  But black cannot be white, black can only imitate, its a version, a hyphenation, the standard for all things & their meaning is first white.  Continue Reading


Critical Thinking Series: Reading As The Arena Of Critical Thinking

May 19, 2017


This article covers the crucial role of reading to critical thinking.  If you don’t understand the benefits of reading or why it is useful to you and crucial for your own self development then you aren’t likely to take advantage of reading lists which are crucial to sustaining an anti-colonial political awareness to then apply to your actions.  Below  I discuss the importance of reading to critical thinking and praxis.  One of the greatest benefits of the methods of critical inquiry is NOT so you can argue with others but for you to argue with YOURSELF.  Its for you to challenge yourself and better understand WHY you’re conflicted about a topic and see ways in which you can actively confront it and understand the implications of your own argument.  In this sense I present reading as an activity where we work out actionable and effective revolutionary change that generates agency, possibility, and understanding.   Continue Reading

Ain’t It Funny: A Note on Social Reproduction & Self-Reflection

May 10, 2017

somewhere along the way i’ve begun to laugh when i see people have the “men are trash” arguments on social media every like 2-3 months. everybody blows it up, screenshots tweets, do threads, & write think pieces.  & when i think about it, we do that with pretty much everything. which makes me consider: HOW are we here again? HOW do we get to where we want to be? HOW do we get to being present in communities that don’t deny the self determination of others?

i’m only able to make this observation because i’ve already experienced that season in my life. i know because at this point i’ve already written the threads, got screenshots, & wrote think pieces & then i noticed the world wasn’t changing. there is a season for everything, & there is beauty as well as destruction & unsightly suffering in the cyclical overturning of everyday life. i started to notice we were doing the same thing but somehow we aren’t doing better by one another, we don’t take care of each other, we still use one another as solely a means to an end. & then i had to sit & struggle with facing the very things i was doing & yet expecting different results. Continue Reading

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