Category: Solidarity

  • LOVE Speak: Language of Liberation

    After some interesting reflections on some conversations I have had with some friends and in concert with the information and knowledge that I have learned from a myriad of literary works on R{EVOL}utionary struggle I have come to realize something that I have recently attempted to enact in my own life: we need a language…

  • The Context Of White Supremacy: Graduate School Racism

    So I was recently a guest  on the Context of White Supremacy show on the Black Talk Radio Network discussing Racism/Racialization & providing tips to graduate students of color who are dealing with racism in academia. Check out the link:

  • How to be an ALLY & not an Asshole

    So I have been having this conversation with a lot of people lately. For some odd reason, no matter what the struggle is, the privileged continue to have NO GRASP on what oppression is, what it means to be an ally, or how to just not be an asshole.  So I decided to do a…