About Shay-Akil:
me29Shay-Akil McLean (@Hood_Biologist) is a Pan Africanist (Nkrumah Toureist/ scientific socialist) & anti-colonial community organizer (on & offline).  Shay-Akil is a Trans man of African descent on stolen Indigenous land, educator, writer, public intellectual, human biologist & sociologist.

Shay-Akil holds degrees in biological anthropology (BA & MA) as well as sociology (BA & MA).  Shay-Akil studies STS/HASTS, bioethics, medical ethics, philosophy of biology, population genetics, evolutionary theory, health inequities, knowledge production, & medicine.  As a developing scholar, Shay-Akil studies how systems of human practices result in the differential distribution of health, illness, quality of life, and death.  Shay-Akil is currently working on a PhD in Sociology, specializing in STS/HASTS, race, population genetics, & bioinformatics.

His Master’s work in biological anthropology looked at the impact of food insecurity, poverty, & racial residential segregation on the dental health of low-income Black people in the 4th poorest city in the United States.  It is through this work that Shay-Akil began developing community-based grassroots interventions that change the marginalized’s people’s relationships to knowledge and power.  The goal of Shay-Akil’s work is to create spaces for strategic gains toward organizing communities against the structural violences that heavily impact disease risk & life determinants.

Shay-Akil has developed & facilitated political education teach-ins, designed & coordinated Saturday school programs, & given guest lectures on a range of topics including:


About D.A.T.T.:

D.A.T.T. is a political education website for the purposes of fostering digital spaces of de-colonization.  The goal is for theories to match practice & progressively transform how we think about the world & live in it.  Here Shay-Akil comments on anything from academia to theory, pop culture, social critique, & organizing but all with a critical analysis of settler colonialism.  Shay-Akil posts reading lists,  discussions of critical issues relating to marginalized communities, & tips on the role of political education in everyday decolonial practice.  With D.A.T.T., Shay-Akil aims to provide a free platform for decolonial scholarship that provides people with political education & critical thinking resources to foster empowerment & critical awareness outside of the repressive confines of colonial norms & regimes of truth.





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