Decolonize ALL The Things

The UNsettling reflections of a Decolonial Scientist in a Constant State of Rage

About Shay Akil:
I’m Shay Akil McLean (@Hood_Biologist), I’m a Pan Africanist (Nkrumah Toureist/ scientific socialist) & anti-colonial community organizer (on & offline).  I’m a Transman of African descent on stolen Indigenous land, writer, public intellectual, human skeletal biologist & sociologist.

I’m a sociologist & biological anthropologist studying STS/HASTS, bioethics, medical ethics, philosophy of biology, genomics, health, knowledge production and medicine.  As a scholar I study how systemic inequity results in the differential distribution of health, illness, quality of life, and death.  I’m currently working on my PhD in Sociology, specializing in STS/HASTS, genomics, & bioinformatics.

My academic work includes studying the impact of social, political, & economic inequality on human skeletal biology.  My Master’s work looked at the impact of food insecurity, high poverty, & racial residential segregation on the dental health of poor Blacks in the 4th poorest city in the U.S..  It is through this work that I aim to construct community based grassroots interventions that change the marginalized’s relationships to knowledge and power to strategically gain equitable access to the very resources that heavily impact disease risk & life determinants while also resisting the ever present processes of settlement and displacement.

I have hosted political education teach ins in my community, designed & coordinated Saturday school programs, give guest lectures on a range of topics including:

  • Health inequities
  • Black Feminism & Intersectionality
  • Colonialism & Gender
  • Political Education As Resistance
  • Black Feminism & Hip Hop
  • Intersectionality & Controlling Images In Hip Hop
  • Pan Africanism & African Liberation
  • Bio- & Necro-politics


DATT.LogoAbout D.A.T.T.:

D.A.T.T. is a political education website for the purposes of fostering digital spaces of de-colonization.  The goal is for theory to meet praxis and hence progressively transform and inform how we think about the world & engage in it.  Here I comment on anything from academia to theory, pop culture, social critique, and activism but all with a critical postcolonial/settler colonial analysis as well as through the lens of science and technologies studies.  I post reading lists,  discuss critical issues relating to marginalized communities, and discuss ways in which history & contextually accurate analysis can contribute to combating hegemony.  With D.A.T.T. I try to provide a free platform for decolonial scholarship, providing people with political education and critical thinking skills to foster empowerment, awareness, and critical consciousness outside of the repressive confines of  colonial epistemologies & traditions.  





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